Nikon Coolpix A100 and A10 cameras pack 5x optical zoom and slim bodies

Nikon has unveiled a pair of new digital point and shoot cameras that put decent features into compact bodies. The cameras include the Coolpix A100 and Coolpix A10. The A100 has a resolution of 20.1MP and has a 5x optical zoom lens. The zoom range can be increased to 10x when Dynamic Fine Zoom is used, which is a fancy name for digital zoom.

The lens in the A100 is a Nikkor covering 26mm to 130mm. The body of the camera is very slim measuring 19.8mm thick and weighing in at 119g. It has a bunch of automatic settings to make shooting images easy to do including a Scene Auto Selector.

The A100 also has Glamour Retouch and a Creative Slider. The other camera is the A10 with 16.1MP resolution. It has a 5x optical zoom lens that begins at 26mm wide angle. The A10 also has a number of automatic features including a Scene Selector mode.

Power for the A10 comes from standard AA batteries that are easy to find around the world. It has in-camera retouch functions and a slim and compact body that makes it very portable. Nikon offered no details on when the cameras would be available to purchase or how much the new models will cost.


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