Next Nexus (2016) : Release date, rumours and everything you need to know

Google’s Nexus programme gives birth to a pure Android smartphone¬†every year, sometimes two, or perhaps a tablet. The idea behind the Nexus is to showcase Android in its purest form, away from the poking and prodding of manufacturer skins.

It’s given rise to some great devices over the past years, but in recent times, has seen some of the most competitive Android handsets offered up. Where manufacturer flagships are often fighting to be king of the spec sheet, Nexusdoesn’t always go toe-to-toe. There has often been compromises and we’ve see the exclusion of some features, like microSD card slots.

Importantly, the Nexus is the chance for Google to say “this is what Android is”. With 2016 well under way, we’re looking forward to the next Nexus, in a year that’s rumoured to be bringing some big changes.

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