Movas Military Chronograph II Watch Review

On a somewhat regular basis, MoVas founder Sean Wai and I engage in conversations about the watch industry at large. Sean isn’t always sure what his role in the watch industry is and whether he is a brand, a hobbyist, or someone who simply engages in a particular type of art form that is celebrated by some, and misunderstood by others. Today, I am going to review a watch that I’ve had on and off my wrist for quite some time – and it is the MoVas Military Chronograph II.

Movas Military Chronograph II Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

My first foray into MoVas watches was in reviewing their GMT watch here, back in 2010. MoVas isn’t new to the game, nor are they indiscreet about what they do, which is produce watches with “movements of Asia.” To remind you, that is what “MoVas” actually stands for. When talking about reviewing the MoVas Military Chronograph II, Wai’s initial concern was that “people are going to blast me on the price.” At just over $1,000 for a watch richly inspired by popular sport watches such as Panerai with a Chinese-made clone of a Swiss movement, I can understand why people often approach MoVas with such critique. With that said, the brand is about artistically changing established designs and experimenting with novel executions more so than trying to offer something totally original. In fact, Wai isn’t convinced most watch consumers actually want something original – but rather want a new take on established and already successful themes.

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