Montblanc MB-01 review: Indulgent ear-candy

Having no experience whatsoever in building headphones no longer seems an impediment to actually going ahead and building some. For every brand with a long and distinguished history of turning out headphones, there’s a brand from an unrelated industry more than willing to give it a go too – and that seems to apply especially to wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones. From Adidas to Asda, from Nixon to Harvey Nichols, everyone seems to think they’re entitled to have a stab.

So it’s really no surprise to find Montblanc throwing its high-end hat into the ring. After a century of turning out exquisite (and exquisitely expensive) writing instruments, it’s more recently brought its sumptuous touch to everything from leather bags to watches – so why wouldn’t it fancy a slice of the seemingly endless wireless noise-cancelling headphones pie?

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