Merge Cube review : Come for the VR headset, stay for the AR fun

Merge isn’t bringing anything new to the scene with its headset, despite its kid-friendly and intuitive design. Where it does innovate, however, is through the Merge Cube. Unlike anything we’ve seen on the market before, one of the biggest compliments we can pay this charming toy is that it simply works. There’s minimal hassle in setup and use, and that’s invaluable considering its target audience. There’s not a huge amount of app depth right now, but developers should help turn this into a more rounded package over time.

Over the last few years we’ve seen VR become more accessible to the masses, with budget mobile options like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and a swath of startups helping open the door.

One of those smaller names was Merge, which began rolling out its foam headset to kids back in late 2015. But despite the company managing to offer a route into VR, its latest venture actually helps newcomers access another portal – augmented reality.

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