Luma Surround WiFi review

After having reviewed the Google Wifi and the Eero, I found the Luma a bit of deja vu. It’s a similar home mesh Wi-Fi system with three identical hardware units, a mobile app, large Wi-Fi coverage and speed fast enough to deliver a moderate broadband connection.


The Luma has a few distinctive features, including security and web filtering features, but neither screams “must-have.” The system’s performance and mobile app could also use some improvement. And at $399 for a set of three units, the Luma is definitely overpriced, considering the Google Wifi costs $100 less while being faster and easier to use to boot.

In all, the Luma is like a fast food restaurant, you’ll probably get filled up and be happy for a short while if you get it, but won’t miss out on much if you decide to skip it.

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