Lonely people are sending each other heartbeats via Apple Watch

Technically Incorrect: No, of course technology doesn’t make you lonelier. It tells you there’s always someone out there ready to listen to you.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

There’s a heartbeat out there for everyone.


I fancy there are more lonely people in the world than the other kind.

They might not literally be alone, but inside their spirit is but Munch’s Scream.

It’s not surprising, then, that some Apple Watchowners have begun to send their heartbeats not to their loved ones, but to strangers.

A Reddit group called R/LonelyHeartbeats has emerged to connect those who might feel they are floating in the emotional ether.

The Redditor who started the group — Nooshaw — told Wiredthat the group was originally a place where those who didn’t know anyone else who had an Apple Watch could connect and practice their more personal Apple Watch uses.

Some have chosen to reach out and touch someone with their heartbeat, in the hope of receiving one in return.

It must, at least for a few, be a plaintive cry. It must be an attempt to feel a little warmth in such a chilly world.

However, Nooshaw revealed that the Web’s troubled heart doesn’t lurk far from this well-intentioned communing of the spirit.

He told Wired: “Looks like people are connecting and tapping each other, with dick pics being the norm.”