Logitech’s first Logi-branded accessories emerge, and it’s all about the iPad

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One week after Logitech revealed that it’s changing the brand name on some of its products to Logi, the tech-accessory maker has introduced the first of these items — and it’s all about the iPad.

With Logi Blok, Logitech is introducing a triumvirate of iPad cases — a protective shell ($40), protective case ($70), and protective keyboard case ($130). And they’re in keeping with Logitech’s ambitions to create smarter designs with vibrant “bold colors,” as the company revealed last week.

BLOK Protective Keyboard Case

Founded more than 30 years ago and with $2 billion in revenue in 2014 alone, Logitech is a long-established, respected brand in the PC and tablet accessory realm — but with Logi, it’s looking to become a more design-conscious “sexy” brand.

“Until now, protecting your iPad from drops meant covering it with a bulky case that took away from the beauty and mobility of the iPad — our designers worked with material experts to protect the most sensitive parts of the iPad without adding the bulk you associate with ultra-protective cases,” explains Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility at Logitech. “With the Logi Blok family of cases, you no longer have to choose between protecting your iPad and having a beautiful case that allows you to enjoy all the functionality it has to offer.”

Logi Blok

Indeed, Logitech hired former Nokia design chief Alastair Curtis back in 2013, and the company has been working behind the scenes to reinvent itself and create a more distinctive look and feel. However, the company has been careful not to go all-in with the Logi brand — for now, at least. It will drip-feed the new sub-brand out into a new line of products and see what kind of traction it garners. If all goes well, a full company name-change could be in the cards a little further down the line.

The new Logi-branded products are open for pre-order now, but won’t start shipping until August. They’ll be available in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and “select” European countries.

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