Kingston microDuo 3C USB-C Review – One drive, Two plugs

One day the tech world will have embraced the USB-C connector – until then, we’re reliant on devices like Kingston’s DataTraveler microDuo 3C USB Flash drive to bridge old and new. The double-sided thumb drive sandwiches between 16GB and 64GB of storage in-between a pair of plugs: a regular USB 3.1 on one end, and a USB-C 3.1 on the other. As a new MacBook user, I’m understandably curious about anything that works around the ultraportable’s notorious lack of ports: read on for my review.

I’ve been using the MacBook for the past couple of months and there have been hurdles, some predictable and others less-so, to get it to co-exist with other computers. For the most part I’ve resorted to either pushing files to the cloud and then re-downloading them on the other machine, or attempting to use AirDrop if I’m dealing with two Macs.

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