Jabra Eclipse – Bluetooth Headset Review

Whether you’re making Skype calls from your laptop or chatting with family on FaceTime while you walk around the room, a wireless Bluetooth headset is much more convenient than the wired alternatives.The Jabra Eclipse ($80 at Amazon and Best Buy) is a handsome earpiece that avoids the bulky, conspicuous and dorky design of most other Bluetooth headsets.  However, it’s not a standout option for professionals because of an awkward charging cycle, poor Bluetooth range, and lackluster background noise cancellation.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Jabra Eclipse - Bluetooth Headset Review

Design: The Eclipse Looks the Part

Jabra bills the Eclipse as “the lightest headset ever,” but it’s also one of the snappiest pieces of gadget design I’ve seen. Typically, Bluetooth headsets are on the butt-end of jokes as the de facto gear of self-important businesspeople. However, thanks to its narrow form and svelte design, the Eclipse is too subtle a piece of tech to elicit those easy laughs. It’s the exact opposite of pretentious.

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