Intel Core i7-8550U vs Core i7-7700HQ – the performance is Watt matters!

A few days back we got a hold of a final unit of the new Intel Core i7-8550U that over-exceeded the expectations we had from the pre-production unit. It rocked in every benchmark despite the low TDP of just 15W.

The Core i5-8250U that we have also tested turned out to be just as powerful as its high-performance (HQ) counterpart from the 7th generation – the Core i5-7300HQ. This outcome really boosted our expectations and it is only fair to compare the Core i7-8550U the same way.

We are going to see how the 8th gen ULV Core i7 stacks next to the 7th gen HQ Core i7 used in most gaming notebooks.

Specs overview

One of the features they share is the number of cores and threads. The big update with the Kaby Lake Refresh chips that even the ULV chips now feature four physical cores and Hyper-Threading (eight threads) is a fact we never get tired of repeating. The Core i7-8550U features the same core/thread configuration as the high-performance Core i7-7700HQ.

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