InEar StageDiver 4 In Ear Headphones Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho InEar StageDiver 4 In Ear Headphones Review


The included accessories for the StageDiver 4 is rather skimpy, to say the least. Whilst you do get a very rugged Pelican-style hard storage/carrying case, only 4 pairs of silicon eartips are included. Granted, these are some of the better stock eartips when considering the vast majority of included tips out there.
A nice 1/4” adapter is also a welcomed addition.


The StageDiver 4 (as the numerical value suggests) houses a quad-BA setup along with a 2-way crossover network. In terms of the housing, the StageDiver 4 doesn’t offer anything particularly interesting, as it has a simple gloss-black finish. A particular downside to this housing design is just how darn slippery it is. Unless you clean your ears every 5 minutes with alcohol pads, you’re bound to find out just how slippery it can be. This makes tip selection even more important, as even a slightly too big eartip will force the StageDiver 4 to become “unseated” rather promptly.

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