Huawei Watch GT and Band 3 Pro track fitness with incredible battery life

Huawei doesn’t just have the new Mate 20 Pro today, it also has a pair of wearables that promise maximum fitness tracking flexibility without compromising on battery life. The new Huawei Watch GT and Huawei Band 3 Pro are two different aesthetic answers to a similar problem: what do you do if you want full GPS tracking for your workouts, but also want a wearable that lasts longer than a couple of hours?

Huawei Watch GT

In the case of the Watch GT, the answer is “build a smartwatch, but don’t use Wear OS.” Huawei eschews Google’s platform in favor of Light OS, an in-house platform that it claims is much more power-efficient. Huawei has used it before on its health-tracking bands, but now it’s being deployed in something which looks far more like a traditional watch.

It’s a fairly handsome traditional watch at that. 10.6mm thick, it’s finished in 316L stainless steel, with a diamond-like carbon and ceramic bezel design. There are two buttons on the side, and interchangeable straps.

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