Huawei Watch 3: What we want to see

Here’s the features we’d like to see from a true Huawei Watch 3

If the latest leaks are to be believed (and we believe them), the next Huawei smartwatch will be the Huawei Watch 2 2018, not the Huawei Watch 3. Shame.

But since we now know that it’s staying sporty and adding features like an eSim into the mix, we thought we’d put our heads together to come up with what we think Huawei should do on its next real upgrade. A geomagnetic sensor is nice for the outdoorsy types, but it feels quite minor.

Because hey, if the comments of its recent rotating CEOs are anything to go by, Huawei itself doesn’t seem to have a clear idea at all.

Here are the future features we’d like to see on a Huawei Watch 3 – a smartwatch wish list of sorts. Let us know in the comments what you’re itching to see next.

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