Huawei P9 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro : 4GB RAM phablets

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) and Huawei P9 Plus are the latest 4GB RAM flagships of their own companies. Yet, what do you think is the winner if we put them into a comparison?

Huawei P9 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

International 4GB RAM phablet war

Huawei P9 Plus vs Galaxy A9 Pro! It is the first time, everybody! They are all powerful 4GB RAM flagships the companies have just launched recently. About similarities, we can see each of them packs 4GB RAM, Full HD resolution, a Super AMOLED panel, Android Marshmallow OS (although they have a bit different versions: 6.0.1 for Samsung and 6.0 for Huawei, with Emotion UI 4.1 on top), a microSD card slot to expand its internal memory (up to 128GB), an 8MP selfie camera (with f/1.9 plus 1080p), a fingerprint scanner, and fast charging tech. In general, they are good phablets, but we still have to pick out the stronger, and differences may help.

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