Huawei Fit hands-on: A fitness watch to undercut Fitbit

If there’s a market for a wearable somewhere in-between a traditional smartwatch and a fitness tracker then Huawei wants to dominate it, and the competitively priced Huawei Fit is how it plans to do that. Revealed this morning at Huawei’s event in Munich, Germany, but on store shelves in the US today, the Fit undercuts not only Android Wear watches, but is cheaper than fitness-first trackers like Fitbit’s Charge 2. I strapped one to my wrist to see if it was Fit for purpose.

Like a Pebble Round, the aluminum case accommodates a circular display. Unlike Pebble’s screen, however, Huawei has opted for a monochrome LCD rather than e-paper, with a backlight controlled by an ambient light sensor. It’s a touchscreen too; in fact, there are no buttons at all on the Fit, with everything controlled via taps and swipes.


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