HTC One M7 vs M8 vs M9 vs HTC 10 : How HTC flagships developed

HTC has just released their newest flagship HTC 10 (aka HTC One M10). We wonder whether it is a real more advanced smartphone than its predecessors HTC One M7, M8, and M9 or not. If you feel like us, check out the following comparison to get the result!

HTC (1)

How HTC flagships developed

Design-wise, looking at the picture above shows us that the first three handsets look pretty alike while the last one, or the latest one, does carry a different design language. Obviously, the familiar large dual front-facing speakers, big main camera and curved back no longer exist on the HTC 10. Instead, it has a physical home button equipped with a fingerprint sensor underneath, a smaller shooter, and a flat back with rounded edges. We think it is more elegant and comfortable in hands than before. But, what’s your opinion?

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