Hands on: Misfit Vapor review

Misfit has been creating fashionable but useful fitness trackers for a number of years now, but the Vapor is the first time the company has created a smartwatch.

The Vapor still feels like a Misfit product though, putting your fitness goals at the heart of your wristwear.

It also offers up a lot more than we’ve seen before from Misfit, including apps for weather, messaging and much more.

Misfit Vapor price and release date


The Misfit Vapor costs $199 (about £160, AU$270), making it the most expensive Misfit device to date. Compared to the competition in this space though, the Vapor isn’t all that expensive.

Misfit hasn’t shared an official release date for the Vapor and instead simply said it’s “coming later this year”. That may mean it’s a long wait until you’ll be wearing one of these on your wrist.

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