Hands on: MaxOak K2 review

The MaxOak K2 is named after the world’s second highest mountain, and it’s a fitting moniker that manufacturer KayoMaxtar chose. After all, at 50,000mAh, this is one of the biggest portable laptop battery chargers available, with a literally mountainous capacity.

Just to put that in perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has a 3,500mAh battery, meaning that the MaxOak K2 could potentially charge it more than 14 times over with some juice spare. And the popular Dell XPS 13 laptop could get a whole day’s worth of charge out of this accessory.

As expected, the K2 is built like a brick, measuring 207 x 136 x 33mm, and at nearly 1.28kg, isn’t far off the weight of a brick – it’s certainly heavier than most new ultraportable laptops (like the Toshiba X20W-D).

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