Hands on: Casio WSD-F20 review

Billed as smarter and more convenient, and part of Casio’s range of highly innovative outdoor gear, the WSD-F20 brings rugged design, enhanced features and GPS.

While mainstream mobile manufacturers appear to have cooled on the idea of Android Wear, traditional watch makers aren’t letting the platform die and the Casio WSD-F20 is the latest timepiece to utilize Google’s wearable software.

There’s no missing the WSD-F20, with its commanding presence on the wrist (measuring 61.7 x 56.4 x 15.7mm) and over-sized protective bezels hammering home the rugged nature of this wearable.

In fact the body meets the United States military standard for environmental durability – which means it will withstand a battering, and it’s also water resistant up to depths of 50 meters.

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