goTenna Mesh review: Private networks for going off the grid or during outages

If you’ve ever gone camping or hiking and found yourself “off of the grid” for a period of time, you likely know how refreshing it is. No phone, no Facebook, no Reddit, no text messages. On the other hand, it can be somewhat scary to be away from society for any length of time. What happens if you get lost or separated from your party?

Whether you’re in the bottom of a canyon or three miles deep into the woods, it might make some nervous to be un-tethered from society. At the very least you want to be connected to another person in case of an emergency, right?

Unfortunately, all service providers have pockets or large swaths where coverage is not available. So, forget about calling back home when you find yourself up a tree, staring down at wild coyotes. You can’t even text your buddy who’s only a few hundred feet away.

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