Google Wifi Review: Meet mesh networking’s new star

With its focus on the cloud it’s in Google’s best interest to get you online as fast, and as consistently as possible, and now that’s down to Google Wifi. Handiwork of the same team responsible for OnHub, the system you see today is more than three years in the making. Its goal isn’t just raw throughput but addressing what the company claims is the number one pain-point users complain about: inconsistent network coverage.

We’ve covered mesh networking in depth already, but the basics are straightforward. Rather than one single router that attempts to cover your whole home with wireless internet access, you instead have a number of individual, interconnected routers – known as nodes – which create interlocking bubbles of coverage. Your phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices see those bubbles as one, cohesive network, automatically and invisibly connecting to whichever is the nearest node.

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