Google I/O 2018: What to expect from Google this year

Formally, Google I/O is the company annual event to connect with developers as well as partners spanning its entire platform and product range. It is also a time for Google to share its direction not just for specific products but for the company as a whole as well. So while the schedule and topics of talks are public, its grand vision, expressed in keynotes, is still under wraps. Given Google’s focus these past months, however, we can pretty much predict what it will be delivering on stage in a few hours.

Not so much Android and Chrome OS

Make no mistake, Android and Chrome OS still have a prominent role in Google’s ecosystem. They just aren’t as critical as they were before. Indeed, they are becoming more like vehicles for Google’s services and might even become simply that in the future. Of course, we do expect Android and Chrome OS to have some stage time.

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