Fossil Q x Cory Richards review : One of the best looking Android Wear watches gets more value

Like its cousin the Fossil Q Marshall, the Cory Richards lacks substance in features but is heavy on style. When paired with the Cory Richards leather band, this watch is one of the more eye-catching smartwatches you could put on your wrist. It’s incredibly clear that a Fossil smartwatch will look good on your wrist, but everything else is clearly secondary.

Fossil Q Cory Richards

Over the past year or so, Fossil has made a big push into Android Wear watches. So much so that for its latest, it’s teamed up with famed National Geographic photographer Cory Richards for a special edition smartwatch.

Enter the Fossil Q x Cory Richards, a classy watch designed by an adventurer but perfectly suited to your fancy night out or a day at the office. Despite being designed by a professional adventurer, it’s not built for pure adventure. It’s a cousin of the Fossil Q Marshal, except with a couple of design differences and inspirations. It’s also quite pricy at $325.

But can those inspirations and class bridge the gap? And could it tempt you to part with a whole bunch of cash? Let’s find out.

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