Foobot review: Is the indoor air quality monitor any good?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Foobot

Ever wanted to know how clean the air is in your home? Foobot can do just that, but is it worth the money and will it really make much of a difference?

If there is one killer that people seem to ignore, it is pollution. Maybe it is because there is little you can do about it or because most people are unaware of the dangers, but the problem is rather serious. Serious enough to kill more than 4.5million people prematurely every year.

Given the level of the problem, then, it makes sense to try and improve the situation in your home. One option that lets you do just that is the Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor, which was originally crowd-funded using Indiegogo.

So is there much point to the gadget, what exactly can it monitor and is it worth spending £170 on something that looks like a giant air freshener? We answer those questions in our full review, but first a word on setting the thing up.

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