Fitbit’s next chapter: Fashion, data and fighting Apple on health

itbit has been living on our bodies for a decade now – such a long time that when I ask co-founder Eric Friedman about those early startup days, the uncertainties he and James Park once shared seem ludicrous. “The real question when we first launched Fitbit was: Is this going to be a giftable product? Is it something where I can say, ‘Hey, here’s a Fitbit, I care about your health’, or does it come across as, ‘Here’s a Fitbit, you’re fat’.

Tens of millions of sold devices later, it’s safe to say that Fitbit itself has laughed off those concerns – all the way to the bank. The company is currently riding a wave of success of the Fitbit Versa smartwatch and will soon launch its next fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge 3.

The past and future of Fitbit

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