Fitbit Blaze 2 investigation: Our hopes and expectations for the next half-smartwatch

A new Blaze is on the way, but what might it look like?

The arrival of the Fitbit Ionic puts the Fitbit Blaze, the company’s kind-of-but-not-really smartwatch in a precarious place. The Blaze has been a huge hit for Fitbit, but the Ionic and Blaze are at risk of competing and confusing, especially as any improvements in the new Blaze will likely close the very small gap between them.

Really, the Ionic doesn’t have an awful lot over the Blaze right now. It has the app store, the watch faces, and is a little better for tracking sports, but otherwise they’re very similar. So if a Blaze 2 is coming – and we know it’s being worked on – how can Fitbit differentiate it enough to not risk cannibalizing Ionic sales – which are apparently not doing too hot?

Fitbit engineers and designers are reportedly busy at work on a Blaze 2 that will launch in 2018, possibly quite early in the year; the first Blaze was announced at CES in January 2016.

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