Final Fantasy XV Review : A Rollicking, Royal Road Trip

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Final Fantasy XV

What can you say about a series like Final Fantasy? After 14 main games, countless spin-offs and a worldwide following of adoring fans, Final Fantasy XV was going to be a cultural phenomenon whether we liked it or not. After several middling entries, Final Fantasy XV ran the risk of embodying the worst aspects of its predecessors, full of sound and fury, and somewhat lacking in memorable characters and moving stories.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the game’s 10-year development time, fans and newcomers alike can rest easy. Final Fantasy XV is a masterpiece, channeling some of the franchise’s best qualities while adding something new and unexpected at every turn. Part traditional Final Fantasy, part open-world game and part road trip, Final Fantasy XV manages to feel both familiar and exciting, both nostalgic and innovative. Whether you play Final Fantasy XV for the refined gameplay, the endearing characters or the unpredictable storyline, just make sure you play it.

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