Filson Smokey Bear Watch – By Shinola – Review

Filson is an American maker of men’s goods which since 2012 has been owned by the same group that owns Detroit-based watch and goods maker Shinola – a further familial (but not directly connected) relation to also American company Fossil. That’s just a little bit of background information intended to help frame the nature, purpose, and particular reasons behind a watch that I actually have a lot to say about. The Filson Smokey Bear Watch is among the stranger timepieces I’ve written about lately – and that comes from someone known to be extremely open-minded to avant-garde design. In its own special way, this limited-edition watch is a true collector’s item just by virtue of how seemingly random it with is (yet with a lot of effort put into it). Moreover, this is perhaps one of the few $1,000 watches probably not worth its $1,000 price that I would nevertheless say is worth buying for $1,000.

Filson Smokey Bear Watch - By Shinola - Review Wrist Time Reviews

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