Fake AirPods vs Real AirPods: SCAM or BOON?

Let’s talk Fake AirPods vs AirPods

Being a music enthusiast, the device I listen from matters the most. I was honestly surprised when I first came across the concept of Fake AirPods. The best thing i admire about these AirPod Knockoffs is the quality and the price-tag it offers. Let’s talk the obvious thing, you’re not spending $200 on a freaking wireless earbud. The practical applications of a True Wireless Earbud has always been about convenience that helps you to stay fit and on the counterpart stay productive with your work. Spending $150 or a $200 on a TWS might seem outrageous for a wide range of audience. Hence we decided to talk on: Fake AirPods vs Real AirPods!

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