Every Fossil Group designer wearable launched in 2016 so far

Getting to 100: Michael Kors, Skagen, Misfit, Kate Spade & more

At Baselworld back in March, Fossil Group announced it would launch 100 wearables from eight of its fashion brands, in 40 countries and 20 languages, by the end of 2016. 100! That’s no small figure and we’ve been pretty much obsessed with its efforts to hit it all year.

We won’t be reviewing each and every single Fossil Group device partly because this mega plan is upending how we think about gadgets, wearables and connected accessories.

We’re not talking 100 different spec lists, form factors, processors, screen tech etc etc but three main categories: accessories, smartwatches with screens and hybrids without screens and many, many different styles. There’s actually onlystrictly about 20 – 30 devices listed.

Every Fossil Group wearable of 2016

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