Elgato Stream Deck Review: Too useful just for Twitch streamers

Elgato has earned a reputation for its gaming capture hardware, and many of the big game streamers rely on it to share their play to increasingly large audiences. Its newest product however, the Elgato Stream Deck, aims to help you raise your production game, with a set of customizable buttons that can trigger anything from Twitch messages to donation reactions. Clever, but after Optimus struggled to get its display-for-button keyboards to market, and Apple met with skepticism over the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, has Elgato managed to buck the trend?


What makes the Stream Deck special are its fifteen keys. Each is about 15 mm square and topped with clear plastic. Underneath there’s an LCD panel which allows the legend for each key to be changed. Since Elgato’s software supports folders, you could theoretically have up to 210 different commands triggered from a single key layout.

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