Elgato Eve Degree Review: A simple temperature & humidity HomeKit sensor


Apple’s HomeKit may have had a quiet start, but third-party accessories for an iOS smart home are gradually picking up pace. Latest to store shelves is Elgato‘s Eve Degree, a compact temperature, humidity, and air pressure sensor, wrapped up in a simple and handsome design, and promising to be the smart trigger your connected home has been asking for.

Elgato’s hardware is minimalistic in a faintly “Dieter Rams” way. The anodized aluminum body is water-resistant, so can withstand some splashes and even outdoor mounting if it’s not getting submerged. Power is from a supplied coin-style battery which should last for around a year; you can replace it yourself. It uses low-power Bluetooth LE to communicate with your phone.

That’s where you get data logging, with the Eve app keeping track of temperature, humidity, and air pressure measurements. It’ll show them as a graph within the app, or allow you to export them for analysis elsewhere. Elgato is pitching it as an easy way for those with green fingers to keep track of their plants, as well as broader monitoring of home conditions.

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