Dunu Falcon-C Review – Eagle of liquid metal

Build quality and ergonomics

There is no denying the Falcon-C is a beautiful looking IEM. The matt black finish and smoothly rounded curves on the liquid metal housing scream quality, with detailing like the cut-out driver venting on the inner face and the complex angles of the shell giving the impression of a design someone like Bang & Olufsen would put together. The good news is that this isn’t all style over substance – the Falcon glides into the ear with a deep and solid fit, feeling light and ultra comfortable and filling the bowl of the ear without any discomfort. Little touches like the angled MMCX connectors on the cables add to the ergonomic excellence, allowing the shells to sit snugly in the concha, with the cables being safely routed up and around the ear and no hard edges or angles on the outer shell to bother the wearer.

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