Dudios Dubuds Hands-on Review

Dudios has proved that innovation is vital for a thriving business in this stagnant industry. This brings me to their latest and top of the tier earbuds, the Dudios Dubuds. At roughly 50$, Dubuds pack everything that you can ask for in earbuds PLUS A POWERBANK TO CHARGE YOUR PHONE. Shocked, aren’t you? I was too when I heard it for the first time. I know it’s not groundbreaking but it is something new. This will be a hands-on review where I will go over all its features and my personal opinion on the quality in every department.


The package comes in with a charging case that holds the earbuds, a USB to USB Type C cable, and the manual. As I mentioned earlier that the charging case for Dubuds can be used to charge the phone, it is quite bigger compared to the traditional size of charging cases for earbuds. Its weight, however, gives it sturdiness and it’s size also makes it hard to get lost.

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