Creoqode 2048 review

The Creoqode 2048 is a unique bit of kit is an exciting handheld games console that can help people learn to code by programming simple games. It’s a device that you build yourself, and the name comes from the number of RGB LEDs that are used to form the 64 x 32 resolution screen.

The Creoqode 2048 costs $246 (about £189, AU$312), and it emerged from a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016 that raised more than £20,000/$30,000 for the London-based company.


Getting started

The Creoqode arrives in a smart box, with all of its components ready to go and the required tools included – plus it requires no soldering.

The Mini Mega Development Board and rechargable battery attach using small screws to a couple of clear plastic mounts, and these are secured to the rear of the front panel using some chunky risers.

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