Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset Review: Just Good Enough

Almost every gaming peripheral has one unique feature. Even the most unremarkable mouse, keyboard or headset usually has one thing — even if it’s just a tiny bell or whistle — that sets it apart from the scads of competitors on the market. The Corsair HS50 ($50) headset is fascinating, then, in that it doesn’t have anything to set it apart.

It’s an entry-level gaming headset with a detachable mic, just like similar models from HyperX, Turtle Beach and Astro. It’s black with subtle touches of either blue or green, depending on your model. It’s totally functional for gaming, and subpar for music. If you made a checklist for a generic $50 gaming headset, the Corsair HS50 would tick every box.

Boring it may be, but the HS50 isn’t bad, per se. The mic audio is clearer than you might expect, given the headset’s price, and it’s compatible with just about every gaming platform out there. If your gaming setup is already decked out in Corsair gear and you want to keep the theme, the HS50 will get the job done. But it’s worth looking at the competition, too.

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