Coach HP Smartwatch Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Coach HP Smartwatch Review

Whether you find most smartwatches on the market too sporty, bulky, or just not your style, or if you’re nostalgic for a more traditional look, the $295 Coach Bleecker Smart Watch is a classy choice. This analog watch has some basic activity tracking, plus a small OLED display that provides some smartphone notifications. It’s not exactly feature-packed. though, so the name may be most of what you’re paying for here.


At first glance, the Coach Bleecker smartwatch looks like a refined and minimalist analog watch. It has a large 1.73-inch case with black ionized plating, titanium accents and thin white lines along the hour and minute hands that help them jump out at a glance.

On the lower half of the watch face is a small OLED screen, which isn’t visible until you press either of the buttons that are above and below the watch’s crown.

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