Channel Master Flatenna 35 review


If you’ve shopped for an indoor antenna in the past few years you’ve likely come across the Mohu Leaf. It’s a flat square antenna you can bung up anywhere — a window, wall or the side of an entertainment unit. Its simple design has spawned a crowd of imitators which, in the case of Channel Master Flatenna 35, is able to do a similar job for a lot less. At 10 bucks, the Flatenna a no-brainer.

Despite its on-the-nose “flatizza” name, the Channel Master is actually a likable piece of equipment. It’s remarkably simple: a flexible sheet of plastic with a captive coaxial cable trailing from the bottom. The sheet itself is quite light, but add in the cable and it comes in at three ounces, while the antenna portion measures 13×9 inches.

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