Can the Pavlok shock wearable make pain motivation work?

I have a lot of bad habits, but one of the most outwardly obvious is that I bite my nails. A lot. I bit them so much I once got an infection in my thumb. Gross, right? An ex told me my nail-biting made him anxious ­– although it’s doubtful that was the reason it didn’t work out ­– and people in meetings have asked if I’m okay because I’m frantically chewing at my own hand.

So when I was asked to test Pavlok, the controversial wearable that delivers an electric shock to your wrist ranging from 50 to 500 volts, I saw it as the perfect­ – albeit extreme – opportunity to stop my nail-biting compulsions for good. But just how well would the wearable work and would I actually stop my bad habit?

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