Beyond iPhone X: 3 potential uses for Apple’s TrueDepth

Apple is investing almost $400m into the one of the companies responsible for its TrueDepth camera system on the iPhone X, and it’s likely just the first step in rolling the technology out further in its range. The decision to grant millions from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to Finisar, the US-based manufacturer of lasers used in TrueDepth, is being billed as a win for American industry; however, it’ll also give Finisar the scope to make more advanced versions. As they get smaller, more capable, and more precise, that opens the door to putting the clever camera into new places.

MacBook Pro

This is the obvious one. Once you’ve lived with Face ID on the iPhone X for a while, suddenly one day you catch yourself taking zero-contact biometric security for granted. For me, it was when the Face ID icon flickered briefly on-screen before the iPhone X pulled out my saved passwords and automatically logged me into my favorite websites.

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