Best Noise Canceling Headphones of 2017: Kill that noise

Noise cancelation has existed as a theory of physics long before it could be put into practice, and even when it eventually did, it was reserved only for audio labs, recording studios and the military. Nowadays, this technique has become a highly sought-after audio enhancement feature with a high level of status for music lovers fighting ambient noise: airplane engine noise, subway train rumble, city crowd chatter or any other sonic distraction (or destruction) of the ‘soundtrack’ of our everyday life.

How We Choose:

To help you join the anti-noise revolution, we decided to sift through the very best of noise-canceling headphones currently available. When putting this list together, we’ve left noise-canceling earbuds or noise-insulation cans out as we address them elsewhere. The majority of our picks happen to be of the larger over-ear headphones variety, though you will find a couple of on-ear examples too, and we do explain the differences between these types and their specific features, pros and cons in our Buying Advice section below.

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