Aztech has created an interesting gadget called the Personal Storage Dongle. It took me a while to understand what this device does, so now that I have, I would like to describe to you so that you do not get confused too.

Aztech PSD500 plugged in

PSD500 comes with USB power adapter rated 0.35A, but for convenience, I plugged in a powerbank and that works pretty well.

This dongle does not have any built-in storage or battery or Wi-Fi. Essentially, the PSD500 is a device that converts any portable storage device – like external HDD or flash drive – into a cloud network storage accessible by the Aztech Storage app on Android and iOS. I know many Wi-Fi routers today comes with a USB port which you can connect a storage device to and access the files remotely. For those routers that do not have that capability, the PSD500 is your saviour.

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