Atlas Wristband 2 Review : A Tracker for Pumping Iron

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Atlas Wristband 2

The Atlas Wristband sets itself apart from most other fitness trackers in that it’s not meant as a general-purpose device to measure steps and sleep. Rather, this $199 wristband can detect and track more than 100 different exercises, such as a dumbbell shoulder press and a kettlebell swing, and monitor your heart rate. However, users will have to overlook a few design flaws if they want to track their every move at the gym and push their workouts to the next level.


For a fitness tracker, the Atlas has an unusual design. The rectangular, tracking portion of the device clips into, and juts out from the wristband. While this makes it easy to read the display without contorting your wrist, it’s  kind of awkward.

The wristband adjusts to accommodate wrists as slim as 5.2 inches or as big as 8.5 inches around, but I found this one-size-fits-all device to be bulky and uncomfortable. The tracker itself is 0.4 inches thick and the display measures 1.8 x 1.1 inches, which feels like a brick for someone with a petite build.

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