ASUS Cerberus RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Kailh Red switches) Quick Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ASUS Cerberus RGB

ASUS is not only known for its smartphones, PC components, laptops, and monitors. They are also a strong competitor in the gaming peripherals market. From their popular Cerberus line-up of gaming peripherals, we review the ASUS Cerberus RGB Mechanical Keyboard. Check it out.

Design and Construction

Most of its body is made of durable plastic, and flexing is minimal. Both the frame and the keycaps have a smooth matte finish that are very soft and pleasant to touch. The keyboard feels tough and has a lot of heft to it.

Looking down under, you’ll find that the backplate is made of plastic. While it seems solid, you may not want to drop it or subject it to a lot of stress. It has rubber feet not only on the top where you would expect them, but also on the bottom.

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