Astro A10 Review: A Great, Cheap Gaming Headset

Kết quả hình ảnh cho astro a10

When I think Astro, I think fancy wireless gaming headsets that cost hundreds of dollars. That’s why I was so eager to test out the $60 Astro A10, the company’s first foray into the entry-level headset arena, which is dominated by the likes of Turtle Beach and HyperX.

As it turns out, Astro can compete with the little guys just as well as it does with the big boys. The A10 performs impressively well for its price, offering a slick design, solid audio and a reliable microphone. However, it can get a bit snug, and faces some serious competition from cozier headsets that are even more affordable.

Premium looks on a budget

It might not have the metal components and fancy features of its more expensive siblings, but the Astro A10 is impressively slick and sturdy for a plastic $60 headset. It’s essentially a baby brother version of the premium Astro A50, sporting big, boxy ear cups and a bendable mic that you can flip up to mute.

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