April 2016 : Smartphone buyer’s guide


The major releases for the first half of 2016 are out, time to see what’s worth spending your hard earned cash on. For all the flagship goodness we saw at the MWC (and other events), there’s an equal measure of amazing entry-level and midrange handsets out there.

And we don’t use “amazing” lightly here, the €200-€300 phones offer metal unibodies, capable cameras, fast chipsets, large batteries, the works. You can even get a metal-clad phone at just over €100 – some smart shopping can get you a quality gadget even if you’re on a shoestring.

That’s the point of this article, to set you on the right track, point to what’s good out there and warn against some potential bad choices.

These days there are only two things where you really have to spend more to get more – screen and camera. The €600+ flagships have eye-popping screens with perfect color rendering, excellent sunlight legibility and goodies like Always On mode.

They also have cameras that handle different types of photography well enough that you can leave your digital camera at home and focus on the moment instead of settings and dials.

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