Android Wear to Wear OS: more than just a name change

This is one of those pebbles that could send ripples in all directions. Or have no effect at all. It seems that Google is on the verge of giving its Android Wear smartwatch, technically wearable, platform a new name and a new logo. Most rebranding doesn’t exactly mean much, especially when you’re like Google who switches logos and names with no discernible pattern or pace. But considering what has been happening so far, or not happening rather, there might be some bigger changes in Android Wear, er Wear OS, afoot. And it’s probably high time that something did.

Not-Android Wear OS

So what exactly happened? Nothing’s officially confirmed yet but, considering how the evidence has all lined up, it’s probably just waiting for an official announcement. The first sign was spotted in the beta version of Google Play Services where a new logo for Android Wear popped up when setting up an Android Wear smartwatch. The new logo was simply a stylized “W” in Google’s iconic four colors. It doesn’t really tell much, but then neither did the old Android Wear icon.

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