Android P: Here’s what to expect later this year

Android P is out of the woodwork. Or at least it got one of its feet out. The first developer preview is now available for everyone to see and, naturally, there are some treasure hunting going on. While nothing’s set in stone yet at this point, DP-1 already provides a lot of clues about the direction Google wants to take the platform for this year. And suffice it to say, it has a lot on its plate and it’s not shy about shifting things around, hopefully for the better.

The Notch

This is honestly the least significant new feature in terms of functionality but it’s going to be the most sensational one. Yes, Android P brings support for notches. Just like what it did with the new 18:9 display trend, it is trying to preempt the chaos that will arise from a variety of cutout shapes and sizes. It doesn’t yet say how well the split in the notification and status icons will work but Android P will at least give developers the means to adapt their user interfaces to account for the optional presence of a notch.

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