Amazon Echo Show Review: Alexa’s screen shows promise

Amazon’s Echo has grown from a voice-controlled curiosity to being a legitimate home assistant, and now, with Echo Show, it’s gaining a display. The latest iteration in the smart speaker series bucks the trend of spoken interactions only, adding a touchscreen so that Alexa can show & tell. At $229.99, however, it’s the most expensive version so far, and at this early stage not everything has quite got to grips with the new abilities.

Echo Show hardware

Amazon’s hardware continues to err on the utilitarian side. Unlike the cylindrical Echo and Echo Dot, the Echo Show opts for a trapezoidal design, measuring in at 7.4 x 7.4 x 3.5 inches. The front is dominated by a 7-inch touchscreen, with dual 2-inch stereo speakers underneath behind a mesh grille. You can pair up a Bluetooth speaker for louder audio, though the Echo Show’s own speakers are reasonable, or connect a Bluetooth source and play it through Amazon’s device.

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